Valken Tactical 0.43g 2500 BBs (Black)

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One of the newest BB brand on the airsoft market, and is sure to be a huge hit. These BB’s are as close to a perfect sphere as you can possibly get. Rather than keeping their bb’s in a flimsy, hard to handle and reseal bag like most other brands, Valken BBs come in an easy to handle and easy to store bottle so you don’t have to worry about a bag tipping over and making a mess. The heavier weight makes them significantly less susceptible to cross winds and can greatly help increase the accuracy of your shots. These BB’s are recommended for any high powered DMR or sniper rifle to improve your effectiveness on the airsoft battlefield.

Manufacturer: Valken
Dimensions: 5.95mm
BB Weight: .30g
Quantity: 2500 rounds per bottle
Design: All electric guns, high power spring guns, gas guns


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