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Bravo V3 Iron Face Carbon Steel «Striker» Full Face Mask

  • Made of: Steel + nylon
  • Weight: 300g
  • Color: MC
  • Manufacturer: RANPER-TACTICAL

Descripción del Producto

The mask is made from steel mash coated with special polymer, which guarantees protection from bad weather conditions and rust. When worn the mask is secured on the head by two elastic straps on sides and one thick strap in center thanks to which the mask won’t fall of even in middle of the combat. All edges are secured with fabric to prevent cuts from sharp mesh.


The product does not protect eyes from ballistic impacts and and cannot be used as such. Ballistic tests proved that small fragments of BB’s, especially biodegradable, can go through the mesh.

The seller and manufacturer are nor responsible for using this product in ASG games. This applies also to any harm to health or property and the product cannot be recalled when not used properly.


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