Lancer Tactical High Speed Gear

SHS is one of the leading manufacturers in the airsoft industry when it comes to performance upgrade or repair parts. SHS Airsoft offers you reliability and quality at an affordable price. After 4 years of development, SHS Airsoft products have been sold to over 30 different countries and continues to expand. The 16:1 Gear Set produces a much faster rate of fire compared to 18:1 ratio or stock gear sets. The 16:1 gear sets is ideal to be used with springs below M110 or SP110. Although, these are high speed gears, the SHS 16:1 can provide enough torque to be properly used with M110 or SP110 Springs. SHS Gear sets are not only constructed out of a strong material but is also heat treated on the surface of the gears to maintain the longevity of the gear set. Overall, this is an exceptional product and worthy upgrade for the price.


Descripción del Producto

Manufacturer: SHS
Model: High Speed Gear Set
Ratio: 16:1
Package Includes: One (1) Bevel Gear, One (1) Spur Gear, One (1) Sector Gear

CNC Machining
Heat Treated
16:1 Ratio
Higher Rate of Fire


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