NcSTAR 36″ Double Gun Bag

A must for all airsoft rifles. This is the most important accessory for your airsoft weapon, you must treat your airsoft gun as a real weapon. This rifle bag will fit guns like AK47S, M4A1,G36 and more. It can also fit spare magazines on the side where you can put them into the MOLLE pouches. It also has compartment for 2 extra hand guns. Regular retail value is around $150. Similar carrying devices by other leading brands are probably not as good as this one but they will cost you over $200!

Attention all airsoft and paintball players, it is illegal to brandish your replica guns in public. Please always transport them in a carrying or storage device. If you do not have a rifle bag yet, you need to get one now! Please make sure to purchase a rifle bag for your airsoft weapon.


Descripción del Producto

Manufacturer: NC Star
Model: Double Gun Bag

Two Internal Pocket for Pistols
Two Stationary Mag Pouches
One Stationary Utility Pouch
3/4″ Padding
Removable Backpack Straps


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