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GC16 FFR – 9” Assault Rifle Replica

  • Material: Metal + Polymer
  • Weight: 2425g
  • Length: 700-800mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Muzzle Velocit: ~390 FPS
  • Engine: Electric
  • Manufacturer: G&G
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Descripción del Producto

The replica was made from metal and polymer reinforced with glass fiber. All the parts fit very well together. Metal parts include the body, handguard, outer barrel, stock slide, iron sights and majority of small elements. Polymer parts include the stock and pistol grip. The muzzle device was made from steel.

The replica features a telescopic SF stock with space for a battery. The stock is adjustable, which the length of the replica can be adapted to the user’s individual body type and preferences. The set includes a kit of metal iron sights. The pistol grip is profiled in order to provide best base for a grip. The flash hider is mounted on a 14mm left-hand thread.

GC16 FFR 9” features a 22mm RIS top and handguard mounting rails as well as a kit of three rails attachable to any spot in any configuration on the handguard. This complete conversion allows for attachment of a wide array of additional accessories, starting with optics, through grips, tactical flashlights, ending with laser sights.

The replica features a gearbox V.2 based on 8mm bearings equipped with brass cylinder head as well as aluminum piston head, which allows it to achieve a muzzle velocity of ~390 FPS straight out of the box. Due to the implementation of 275mm inner barrel, the replica will perform very well on medium range. Inside is located a tight pneumatic mechanism, equipped with high quality Hop-Up chamber and bucking.

The replica is sold together with a polymer, mid-cap magazine with a capacity of up to 120 BBs.


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