Bravo Tactical Eye Pro Airsoft Shooting Glasses

Eye protection is always a must when using airsoft guns.  Protect your eyes with the Bravo Tactical Eye Pro.  The tough, shatter proof polycarbonate lens provides excellent protection against BBs.  The lenses’ wrap around design protects the wearer multiple directions of BB impacts.  It features a contoured, high strength polymer frame that allows the glasses rest close to your face and stay in place during games.

We highly recommend wearing Bravo Tactical Eye Pro with other protective gear such as lower face masks for full face protection.


Descripción del Producto


– Tough, shatter resistant polycarbonate lens

– Contoured, high strength polymer frame

– Folds for compact storage

– Wide lens offers better field of view with out sacrificing safety

– Wrap around design provide multi-directional protection

–  Meets the ANSI Z87.1 safety standards


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